J-Pop Group JO1 Member Kono Junki Is Gaining Attention For His Major Visuals

Netizens are falling for his looks!

Kono Junki, a member of the Japanese group JO1, has gone viral on an online forum because of his stunning visuals!

| @official_jo1/Twitter

In a post on THEQOO, netizens praised main vocalist Kono Junki for his visuals, and some even shared that he has Korean charms to him!

| JO1/YouTube
| JO1/YouTube

Kono Junki was born in Nara, Japan, on January 20, 1998, and is known for his angelic voice and his dazzling visuals in JO1!

JO1 was formed in 2019 through Produce 101, the Japanese version of the Mnet survival show Produce. However, unlike other groups who won the Korean series, JO1 is a permanent group and has been promoting since the show ended.

| FujiTV

The group has also started to make appearances on Korean television, including on the recent online KCON:TACT concert and Mnet’s M Countdown.

| Classy Magazine

Netizens left a flurry of comments below the post, many wanting to know who this handsome singer is!

  • “The styling absolutely matches him well. Handsome.”
  • “I kinda know what they’re getting at. He’s handsome.”
  • “Heol, let him debut in Korea, please. He has both the standard flower boy and warm hot guy vibes at the same time.”

Hopefully, fans will get to see more of JO1 soon!

Make sure to watch the groups’ latest single, “Born To Be Wild,” below!

Source: THEQOO