J.Tune Camp apologises for flea market mishap of MBLAQ’s old trophies

J.Tune Camp has apologised and released a formal explanation as to how MBLAQ’s trophies ended up at a flea market. 

A recent post on Instiz angered fans after an account detailed that some of MBLAQ’s trophies were found at a flea market. The post initially claimed that the agency threw away their own artist’s first place trophy and uploaded the photos as evidence.

It was discovered that one of the trophies being sold was MBLAQ’s first music show win back in June 2010, while the other was an award from entertainment program, Strong Heart. It was found at a market display in Jongno, Seoul. Fans were angered at the idea that the agency simply discarded the memorabilia of their artists.

MBLAQ’s trophies found at a flea market in Seoul

J.Tune Camp initially stated that they would look in to the incident. On October 25th, the agency apologised and released the details of their investigation. According to the agency, the trophies were misplaced when they were moving it from their building to a warehouse in the Gyeonggi Province. The trophies were stated to be legit and the warehouse will be responsible from recovering the items from the market. Although the reason as how the trophies left the warehouse remains unknown, the agency apologised further and assured fans to be careful for these things to happen in the future.

Meanwhile, MBLAQ made their debut back in 2009 with five members. The group continued to promote as three members following Lee Joon and Thunder’s departure back in 2014.

Source: Dispatch and Instiz