J.Tune Camp clarifies speculations on MBLAQ’s possible comeback in February

J.Tune Camp has released a statement regarding the recent speculations of MBLAQ coming back with a new set of activities in February. 

On November 29th, MBLAQ met with their fans for their final concert Curtain Call, where they revealed that it may not over for the group just yet. This was further followed up by a statement from Mir asking fans to meet again in February, sparking speculations of the group staying together despite their contract expiring.

In response to the statement relayed at the concert, J.Tune Camp clarified that they are still in the process of discussing contract renewals with the members. However, as the concert only just wrapped up over the weekend, they are yet to meet for a specific negotiation regarding their contracts.

Back in October, reports about Thunder and Lee Joon leaving MBLAQ as their contracts with J.Tune Camp expires were widely reports, with fans worrying about the group’s future career. However, as the reports continued, it was clarified that MBLAQ will continue negotiating for their renewal right after finishing their concert, Curtain Call.