J.Y. Park is the celebrity who pays the highest alimony to his ex-wife

J.Y. Park continues to pay his wife alimony each month, revealed a report from the show 7인의 뇌색남 on RTN, and the amount is shocking.

Broadcast on November 17th, the show spoke about singer and businessman J.Y. Park.

One of the show’s main MC, Boom, said, “I am a high school friend of Rain so I know what he used to be like during his trainee days. During 1st year, his singing wasn’t great but by the time he was in his 3rd year his singing was amazing…” 

They additionally briefly spoke on J.Y. Park’s attempt to crossover into America.

Investing specialist Park Young Min stated, “Park Jin Young was obsessed with US debut. It would have been a lot better if he had turned his eye to Japan, even physically it is very unlikely these girls would have enjoyed much success.”

Additionally, it was said, “The investment costs for Wonder Girls to cross into the United States amounted to 100 billion won. But the revenue from their music came to 5 million won”

Then they spoke on J.Y. Park’s divorce from his first wife whom he married in 1999 but split in 2009.

Investment expert Kim Kwan Yong revealed, “The most any star has paid for  a divorce. He agreed to pay 3 billion won as well as 20 million won per month to his ex-wife.”



Source: Star News