J.Y. Park Teases Fans With A Song He’s Producing For TWICE

TWICE fans can look forward to a song produced by J.Y. Park himself in the group’s upcoming album.

TWICE has confirmed that they are making a Korean comeback in May prior to their Japanese debut, and Park Jin Young teased on his Instagram that he has already finished editing and mixing one of TWICE’s new tracks.

“#JYP Finally… Finally I’ve finished my work^^”

— J.Y. Park

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Each of the members’ initials can be seen in the teaser image, giving confirmation that this is indeed for TWICE. Contrary to popular belief, J.Y. Park does not often compose songs for TWICE. In fact, he has only composed 2 of TWICE’s 22 songs: “Do It Again” and the rearrangement of “Precious Love”.

TWICE was also spotted filming during their trip to Switzerland for their upcoming reality show, TWICE TV 5.