J.Y. Park Taking Charge Of Album Production For miss A Fei’s Upcoming Solo Debut

miss A‘s Fei is set to make her solo debut soon, the first member in her group to do so, and reports have revealed that J.Y. Park will be heading its production.

After six years since her debut with miss A in 2010, Fei will be making her solo debut and comeback with her own album this summer. The album is expected to highlight Fei’s natural classy and sexy aura.

Fei’s solo album has been in the works in secrecy since the end of last year, and there is much anticipation for its release due to the participation of J.Y. Park who is known for his top producing abilities. When it comes to a sexy concept, J.Y. Park is known to create top hits. For example, Wonder GirlsSunmi‘s own solo debut “24 Hours” was produced by the agency founder and became an instant hit on the charts.

Get ready for Fei this summer!

Source: X Sports News