Jackson Wang Won A Lawsuit Against An Anti Fan, What He Did With The Money Was Amazing

Jackson showed how selfless he is.

Jackson Wang of GOT7 filed a lawsuit through Beijing Xingquan Law Firm against an anti-fan who constantly insulted and libelled him on her Weibo page, Zhang__Xuan.

The statements made have been described as “extremely malicious, filthy, and containing obvious disparaging remarks to the character of [Jackson]”.

The case was heard at the Beijing Haidian People’s Court on March 16th and the court found that:

In the numerous Weibo posts made by the defandant, the defendant used vulgar and vicious language to insult the plaintiff. Statements such as “pro-Hong Kong independence” is libel and is sufficient to lower the evaluation of [Jackson] by the public.

– Beijing Haidian People’s Court

They also found that:

We are supportive of the plaintiff’s request for the defendant to apologise and to compensate for losses and emotional distress. Therefore, the court ruled that Zhang__Xuan must make a written apology through the implicated Weibo account, on an obvious position in the account’s homepage, and compensate [Jackson] for financial losses and emotional distress damage losses for a total of [$9000].

– Beijing Haidian People’s Court

After he heard the judgement in the case, Jackson decided to donate all of his compensation to charity! The lawsuit was solely to protect his character, he didn’t care about the monetary gain.

Source: JW Global