Jaden Smith reveals his true dream is to be a K-Pop star

American rapper and actor Jaden Smith made a surprise announcement revealing his dream of becoming a K-pop star. 

Seemingly out of the blue, the musician and son of Hollywood superstar Will Smith tweeted the status “I Just Wanna Be A K Pop Star,” followed by another message “I’m Serious I Actually Wanna Be A K Pop Star” a couple of hours later.

The series of tweets came a little less than two weeks after he declared his admiration for BIGBANG‘s G-Dragon, who he referred to as his inspiration. With the Smith family having revealed their ties with top agency YG Entertainment in the past, there could be a chance that a collaboration is in the works.

As an artist in the United States, Jaden Smith has already found success, having released over a dozen singles and starring in half a dozen movies. Several of his music videos have broken one million views, and he featured in Justin Bieber‘s hit song “Never Say Never” back in 2011. Check out some of his music below: