Jake Gyllenhaal Claims This Famous Korean Director Is A “National Treasure”

“I mean, he’s a national treasure.”

Hollywood actor Jake Gyllenhaal recently visited Korea for a promotional tour on his latest movie “Spiderman: Far From Home”.


During an interview, he praised the famous Korean director, Bong Joon Ho. He explained that they became good friends after working together and considers him a “national treasure“!

He’s incredible. I mean, he’s a national treasure, I know. A wonderful friend. We worked together.

— Jake Gyllenhaal


Jake also complimented the city of Seoul. He recalled staying in South Korea long term to film “Okja” with Director Bong, and he absolutely loved his time!

I’ve been to Seoul before. I made a movie here – Okja. I loved working here. I really did.

— Jake Gyllenhaal


Jake Gyllenhaal played the role of Johnny Wilcox, a disturbed zoologist and TV personality, in the famous film “Okja”.


After hearing Jake’s compliments about Korea, Tom Holland also claimed that he would love to work on a South Korean film so that he could spend “as much time as [he] can” in Korea!

I would love to! I would really really love to! I would love to spend as much time here as I can. It’s really great.

— Tom Holland


Perhaps there will be another movie by Director Bong featuring Jake Gyllenhaal or Tom Holland in the future!

Source: Hankook Kyeongjae