Idol Band Member Announces Departure From Group Due To Blood Clot In His Head

James of Royal Pirates recently announced to his beloved fans that he will be leaving the group for good.

In a heartfelt letter uploaded onto his Instagram on January 31, Royal Pirates‘ bassist James announced his departure from the group, citing worsening health conditions and a desire to look for a new direction in his life. If a 6th surgery on his wrist and hand is not enough, James also revealed he has a blood clot in his brain. Blood clots in the brain can eventually lead to a stroke or a pulmonary embolism if not treated properly.

James suffered a serious injury to his wrist back in 2015 when a door fell on him and left severe damage. While James has focused on his recovery ever since, it seems like his efforts were not enough to overcome the physical trauma the accident left on his body.

Read his full letter below:

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