Jang Dong Gun returns to college after 20 years

Jang Dong Gun (43) is returning to university after 20 long years, a commendable action that shows no matter what age you are, there’s always time to finish your degree.

In 1994, the actor attended Korea National University of Arts, but never completed his degree. Now 21 years later, he has enlisted in the Spring 2015 semester at Seoul Cyber University, which is located Gangbuk, Seoul, to continue his education in Culture and Arts Management where he will learn about how business and the arts interact.

Entering Seoul Cyber University will allow Jang Dong Gun to attend classes online without needing to physically be in class, a perfect solution for an actor who most likely has a schedule that requires him to travel several places. In addition, its classes are organized for six weeks only with only four semesters in a year.

Source: Sports Kyunghyang