(★BREAKING) Hyunseung Is In A Relationship With Shin Soo Ji

Bowling brought them together.

Former BEAST member, Jang Hyunseung, is reported to be dating Shin Soo Ji, a former rhythmic gymnast.

Shin Soo Ji is a retired Olympic athlete who competed in 2008 at Beijing and more.

According to a close friend, the couple became close when they began bowling frequently with a common group of friends.

“They grew close while bowling together. They’ve been dating for about 3~4 months.”

— Close Friend

An insider from the entertainment industry also confirmed the news.

“They became friends while bowling with a group of celebrity friends who also enjoy bowling.

They’ve been spotted being close and personal at the bowling alleys by many witnesses.”

— Entertainment Industry Insider

Update: Both agencies confirm their relationship.

“We’ve confirmed with Jang Hyunseung that he’s dating Shin Soo Ji. They’ve been dating for about 4 months and have gotten close through bowling.”

— Cube Entertainment

“Jang Hyunseung and Shin Soo Ji are dating.”

— Yama

Source: Herald Pop and Yonhap