Netizens Shocked At Jang Hyunseung’s Transformation In The Army

“This is Jang Hyunseung? Omg!”

Former BEAST member Jang Hyunseung has been receiving attention from netizens for looking much happier since enlisting in the military.

Jang Hyuseung enlisted in the military in July 2018.

Cube Announces Jang Hyunseung’s Military Enlistment Date


It has been almost a year since his enlistment and netizens have been noticing that his face has gotten much brighter. Compared to some pre-enlistment photos in which Hyunseung looks exhausted or not necessarily happy…


He seemed to have a brighter expression on his face in photos that were taken in the military.


Netizens were shocked at the transformation and have been commenting that Hyunseung looks much happier in the army than when he was promoting as an artist.

  • “This is what I heard but I think his personality is not fit for a celebrity. He looks much more comfortable and happy in the army lol.”
  • “Wow, his complexion looks more clear and he looks a lot better. I wonder if he had a hard time in the entertainment industry.”
  • “He should live in the army. He looks like a happy person now.”
  • “My goodness…he’s been purified lol.”
  • “This is Jang Hyunseung? Omg! His eyes have even gotten brighter and he’s become a real handsome model student!”
  • “I’ve never seen Jang Hyunseung like this.”
Source: Pann Nate