Numerous Celebrities Show Support In Regard To Re-Investigation Of Jang Ja Yeon’s Case

“Rest in peace in heaven. Beautiful person.”

Dispatch has recently revealed the final CCTV footage of Jang Ja Yeon before her death as well as the document that later became known as her suicide death, demanding for the truth and re-examination of her case.

Dispatch Reveals Final CCTV Sighting of Jang Ja Yeon, Contents of Her “Suicide Letter”, and Lee Mi Sook’s Potential Lies


In light of the resurfacing of the case, numerous celebrities including actress Ku Hye Sun, comedienne Shim Jin Hwa and her husband Kim Won Hyo, and actress Kim Hyang Gi.

Yoon Ji Oh, a good friend and fellow rookie actress of Jang Ja Yeon, has been making an effort to gain awareness of Jang Ja Yeon’s case by raising her voice as a witness. She has continued to participate in police investigations and interviews, and share posts in hopes to clear up her dear friend’s unfair death.


Other celebrities have been showing their support for the reinvestigations of Jang Ja Yeon and commemorating the actress. On March 17, Ku Hye Sun, who appeared on the drama Boys Over Flowers alongside the late Jang Ja Yeon posted a photo from the drama on her Instagram page. In the caption, she wrote, “An uhnni who handed me a bunch of hot packs. I regret not taking a single photo with her. Rest in peace in heaven. Beautiful person.”


Comedienne Shim Jin Hwa also shared a screenshot of Jang Ja Yeon’s news article and stated, “I sincerely support! I’m sorry for the excuse of not knowing how to participate. I support the re-investigation! I sincerely hope that Jang Ja Yeon will be able to smile in heaven.”


Shim Jin Hwa’s husband and comedian Kim Won Hyo reuploaded his wife’s post stating, “Yes, you are right. I support this. It must be revealed! #JangJaYeon #YoonJiOh #TheTruth.”


Other celebrities including Kim Hyang Gi, Kim Ji Hoon and Lee Hyun Jae have shown their support by “liking” Yoon Ji Oh’s post.

With only 12 days left until the statute of limitations of Jang Ja Yeon’s case expires, over 649,000 people have signed the Blue House petition requesting that the investigation into Jang Ja Yeon’s death be extended and President Moon Jae In has since addressed the issue.




Source: TV Report