Jang Jae In speaks up on her health condition that forced her into hiatus

Jang Jane updates on her life just ahead of releasing her mini-album LIQUID on June 11th. During the recent years, the singer revealed her health conditions that forced her to give up on playing the guitar.

On June 10th, the singer held a preview showcase of the album, during which she also expressed her thoughts on releasing her very first album after joining Mystic Entertainment.

She mentioned, “This album is one in a long time, I’m nervous. To sing again already makes this album mean a lot for me. Because my health condition was bad, I place value in that. I can play one or two songs, but to do more than that causes a risk for my health. So currently, I barely play my guitar. If my health condition were to get better, I wish to play guitar again.”

Jang Jae In has been struggling with dystonia, resulting her hiatus in the music industry for a while. Although the singer has announced her comeback, she is still undergoing treatment simultaneously. She commented, “Since 2013, my treatment has not advanced any further. This has now become part of me that I need to carry within me. But I am diligently getting treated and focusing on recuperating.”

Meanwhile, her album title track “Eat Rice” is a French folk genre track that gives the listener a very cozy feeling. As her first mini-album and music release in three years, fans can look forward to her six-track album release.

Source: Xports News