Fellow “Superstar K” Contestant Jang Jae In Criticizes Jung Joon Young in Light of Recent Scandal

Disappointment and rage could be felt in the message.

In light of Jung Joon Young‘s recent charges for sharing illegal videos in a chatroom joined by Seungri and other celebrities, singer Jang Jae In expressed her thoughts and criticism on her Instagram account.

The Instagram story she posted consists of a message that reads, “They say there isn’t a single person that sheds dust when you shake them. But in this small world, it’s easy to differentiate good people from the bad. I never would have dreamt that your pride came from sexually harassing other people. Is this how you chose to enjoy your luxury lives against your peers?

Jang Jae In didn’t specify who she was directing this message to, but most fans and netizens immediately speculated that this was regarding Jung Joon Young and his recent scandal.

The two singers were both contestants on Mnet’s Superstar K, with Jang Jae In having been a contestant in Season 2, and Jung Joon Young having been a contestant in Season 4.

In response to what seems like disappointment and rage toward her fellow Superstar K contestant, fans are commending Jang Jae In for expressing her thoughts on the issue.

Source: Insight