Jang Ki Ha talks about what it’s like to be dating IU

During a recent guesting on MBC radio show Good Morning FM with Noh Hong Chul, Jang Ki Ha spoke briefly about his relationship with songstress IU. 

IU’s boyfriend Jang Ki Ha guested on the show on June 6th where he was asked by the host DJ Noh Hong Chul regarding how his relationship was going with IU. In response, Jang Ki Ha says, “There are people who worry for us, but we are doing well.” 

As the couple is known to have met on a radio show before starting their relationship, Noh Hong Chul jokes, “I am also a DJ, am I going to meet my girlfriend too? What kind of person suits me?” 

Jang Ki Ha responds, “I have been a fan of yours for over 10  years. I think a great woman will appear for you at any time.”

The DJ then asks, “And for you?” to which the songwriter says, “She’s already too good for me.”

After not hearing anything about the couple for a long time, fans were concerned about the longevity of their relationship, but Jang Ki Ha’s words reaffirmed fans hopes that the couple are happier than ever. Fans were moved to hear that IU’s boyfriend would reveal such intimate details regarding his thought about her, and the fact that he still feels she is too good for him.

IU and Jang Ki Ha met in 2013 through a radio show that he was hosting, and began a relationship just shortly after. It wasn’t until October 2015 that their relationship went public after Dispatch revealed photos of the two on dates.

Source: My Daily