Did Jang Ki Ha Write A Love Album Because of IU?

Singer-songwriter Jang Ki Ha was recently asked by the media whether the decision for his band to go with its first love-themed album release was influenced by his relationship with songstress IU.

Jang Ki Ha and his band, known as Kiha and the Faces, held their showcase on the 15th as they celebrated the release of their fourth studio album. As the frontman is also known to be currently in a relationship with female singer IU, he was asked whether their decision to release a love-themed album was due to her.

In response, Jang Ki Ha revealed that while some of the lyrics written were somewhat influenced by his personal experiences, he emphasizes that the lyrics of all ten tracks are fictional as he attempted to portray a universal and basic feelings of love.

He then adds, “In the past, we thought love songs were too cheesy, but now we felt ready to do love songs written in our own way. We challenged ourselves and made it into an album.”

Kiha and the Faces new album was released on June 16th.

Source: X Sports News

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