Jang Moon Bok Responds To Ex-Girlfriend’s Attempt To Expose Him

“You shouldn’t cross the line.”

Limitless‘s Jang Moon Bok has responded to allegations from an ex-girlfriend regarding their relationship.

Among a slew of accusations, she claimed that Moon Bok acted salaciously towards her before and after they started dating, offering to untie her bra and constantly pushing for sex.

When I said I didn’t want to have sex unless we were dating, he suggested that we start a relationship. So we did. Even when I was tired, he would demand for sex…

– Ex-girlfriend

The idol has since come forward on February 12 to refute her claims.

We fought a lot in that short time. Your ongoing doubts and accusations are turning even our good memories into… There will be pain lingering for a little longer. But you shouldn’t cross lines in the name of love. I think our encounters end here. I have a lot to say, but I won’t say anything unnecessary.

– Jang Moon Bok

Moon Bok’s agency, ONO Entertainment, posted a response acknowledging the woman’s claim as his ex-girlfriend.

It’s true that Jang Moon Bok dated netizen ‘A’, but they have already broken up. As this is a matter regarding the artist’s personal life, we will not be releasing any additional statements.

– ONO Entertainment

Source: Naver