This is Where Actress Jang Na Ra Met Her “Non-Celebrity” Fiance

“Most of all, I fell for the passion he has for his work…”

As reported earlier, actress and singer Jang Na Ra will be getting married this June.

Jang Na Ra | @nara0318/Instagram

Since the report, Jang Na Ra’s fiance has been receiving much attention.

| @nara0318/Instagram

According to Jang Na Ra, her groom-to-be is a hard-working man with a pretty smile.

I fell for his pretty smile and devoted kind heart. Most of all, I fell for the passion he has for his work.

— Jang Na Ra

On June 3, the media outlet My Daily reported that Jang Na Ra and her fiance first met while working on a drama together.

| @nara0318/Instagram

Jang Na Ra’s label Lawon Munhwa released a statement confirming the couple’s upcoming nuptials.

Last year, the parents of the couple met. The couple will be getting married in a modest ceremony in June with friends and family in attendance.

— Lawon Munhwa

Jang Na Ra, who debuted in 2001, is a successful singer and actress. She is known for her youthful looks and her popularity in China.

Source: My Daily