K-Netizens Flood Jang Shin Young’s Instagram With Comments About Husband’s Alleged Affair

They need to mind their own business.

Recently, actress Jang Shin Young’s husband, actor Kang Kyung Joon, was alleged to have had an affair with a married woman. The alleged affair came to light when the woman’s husband sued Kang Kyung Joon in court. Since then, text messages the actor allegedly sent to his mistress have been made public.

After it was released, it was reported that the actress was having a hard time dealing with her husband’s affair. While many fans supported the actress, some K-Netizens took it too far by leaving unnecessary comments on her Instagram feed.

Comments on Jang Shin Young’s Instagram. | changshinyoung1984/Instagram
  • “I know it hurts, but I hope you can forgive him this once for the kids’ sake. You will know what I mean after time passes. I hope you protect your family for the sake of them.”
  • “All couples go through a crisis. You will be stronger after you get through this. Wishing you both the best.”
  • “Ah~ I’m so sad. I hope you both get through this so we can you become happy again.”
  • “Shin Young unni! I hope you and Kyung Joon will be stronger than ever through this situation. Kyung Joon is a pure person. Trust him just this once. I’m sure he has his reasons.”
  • “I always and trust you! Your family will become stronger through this. A time will come when you will look back on this and laugh about it.”

K-Netizens that saw these comments were shocked at how people could leave comments like that.

Netizen comments | theqoo
Netizen comments | theqoo
  • “Please just go live your life.”
  • “After hearing the news, my heart goes out to the kids.”
  • “Who are they to say to do this and do that.”
  • “Would they say the same thing if this happened to their daughter?”
  • “What kind of talk is this? Why don’t you all live with a man who cheats.”
  • “I don’t even feel bad for those commenters because it just shows how they live their life.”
  • “I guess those people hold everything in.”
  • “Those are the kinds of people that just hold it in and don’t get a divorce even when their husband cheats.”
  • “Pure?”
  • “So many people aren’t in their right mind.”
  • “Why don’t you live like that instead of trying to ruin other people’s lives.”
  • “Stronger? Pure? Why don’t you live with him then.”
  • “I guess you have actually to go through it to understand.”
  • “If you like him, why don’t you live with him.”

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Source: theqoo