“Jang Wonyoung And Jennie Do It—Why Can’t I?” AfreecaTV BJ Complains About The Double Standards She Experiences As A Streamer

She gave specific examples of K-Pop idols.

An AfreecaTV BJ (Broadcast Jockey) recently complained about the double standards she experiences while streaming.

Unrelated photo of an AfreecaTV BJ dancing on a stream (not the BJ discussed in this article) | AfreecaTV

On June 27, the AfreecaTV BJ wrote a post in an online community titled “I’m a woman working as an AfreecaTV BJ. Why is it okay for idols but not for us?” In the post, she posted YouTube video links of female idols dancing.

The first was Suzy doing a sexy dance on Park Jin Young‘s show Party People.

Another video was of the members of WSJN (also known as Cosmic Girls) taking turns doing sexy dances on Idol Room.

Lastly, she posted a video of Girl’s Day‘s Hyeri doing a sexy dance on Weekly Idol.

The keyword here appears to be: sexy. In the rest of the post, the AfricaTV BJ discussed her frustration with being judged for her sexy dances while streaming—while K-Pop idols do it all the time without being judged.

Suzy, Hyeri, Chungha, Jang Wonyoung, HyunA, Rosé, Jennie, etc. These idols all do sexy dances and show their sex appeal to make money, so I don’t understand why only AfreecaTV BJs are viewed and talked about in a negative way.

— AfreecaTV BJ

Singer HyunA performing “Babe” on Show Champion

Revealing how much she makes per month, the BJ reiterated her question because she was genuinely curious about the reason for the double standard.

Currently, I am earning an average monthly income of over ₩6.00 million KRW (about $4,620 USD), and I am pursuing this challenge after ending my career as a flight attendant. Wouldn’t you also dive into doing this if you could earn a lot of money? I’ve always been genuinely curious why BJs, including those on AfreecaTV, are always viewed in a negative light.

— AfreecaTV BJ

The comment section was filled with mixed reviews. Some emphasized that K-Pop idols and BJs differ because of the amount of training idols undergo. Others believed that AfreecaTV BJs and K-Pop celebrities shouldn’t even be compared.

Art and obscenity. Beauty and vulgarity. They spend years as a trainee and their efforts are slowly erased.

Idols are singers… It’s definitely different. You can reveal your body while singing at the concert. Isn’t it different from blatantly revealing your body for show?

Unrelated photo of BABYMONSTER training before their debut | BABYMONSTER/YouTube

One netizen asked why this is important, and another shared their disinterest in AfreecaTV BJs.

But why do you feel a need to be acknowledged? Just have fun doing what you’re doing over there. I’m going to watch celebrities.

Afreeca… I don’t use it so I don’t even know who the Tier 1 BJs are, but are you really comparing yourself to the celebrities mentioned… And however much you ear as a Tier 1 or whatever, I’m not very envious lol

No. I don’t want to exchange 6 million won for humilitation.

Unrelated photo of AfreecaTV BJ Lia dancing on a stream | AfreecaTV

The AfreecaTV BJ edited her post after “reading all the comments” and put in her two cents about BJs being looked down upon.

I’m reading everything you commented. Regardless of your job, isn’t it ultimately about having the right mindset and doing the job properly? I don’t understand why the profession of being a BJ is looked down upon.

— AfreecaTV BJ

In response to the comments telling her she should not compare BJs to K-Pop idols, the BJ expressed that the importance is that they are both people who are working hard in their positions and that there shouldn’t be any divisions.

If you want to freely pursue your own endeavors without causing harm to others, I believe you should go for it. Isn’t it considered malicious behavior to criticize or hold negative biases against BJs like this? What I’m trying to say is that whether they are BJs or idols, they are individuals who are working hard in their respective positions. It seems unnecessary for people to create divisions between BJs and idols.

— AfreecaTV BJ

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Source: Wikitree and Nate Pann