Jang Woo Hyuk admits that H.O.T has been seeking for an opportunity to reunite

Jang Woo Hyuk of H.O.T, one of the most legendary veteran idol groups known in K-Pop history, has revealed that he and his former band mates have recently been anticipating an opportunity to reunite and make a possible comeback!

On November 4th, Jang Woo Hyuk attended a press conference for his upcoming debut Chinese film, Fiji 99°C Love, in Beijing, China.

The singer turned actor stated, “Everything was so awkward and distant in the beginning since this is my very first movie in China, but after a lot of hard work and effort was put into this project, we were able to complete the film successfully.

During the press conference, when questions regarding H.O.T’s comeback were thrown at the star, The Beijing News reporters revealed that Jang Woo Hyuk has been receiving the same questions about H.O.T’s reunification at about every press conference held so far for the past couple of weeks.

In regards to the H.O.T questions, Jang Woo Hyuk responded, “No matter where I go, I always get questions about us reuniting. Many people are really longing for our comeback, but we have been seeking an opportunity to do so ourselves for the longest time.

Many H.O.T fans have begun creating support groups and fan cafes in order to help the group comeback together or even hold just one final stage together.

Meanwhile, Fiji 99°C Love is a romantic comedy film that portrays a story about a young newlywed couple who live quite an adventurous life together with many strange episodes.

Source: TV Report