Japan And The USA Will Have A Massive Giant Robot Duel This Month

Two giant robotic mech suits fighting might sound like a scene from Gundam Wing, but it’s soon to be a reality.

Japan’s Suidobashi Heavy Industries and their American rivals, Megabots Inc. have both been developing piloted mech suits over the last few years.

And with a pair of human-piloted mech suits being built at the same time, a 1-on-1 fight couldn’t be avoided.

The mech suits come fully equipped with a range of weapons including mini guns and cannons.

And for the Japanese mech, the Kuratas, it even has its own targeting system, and is also capable of hand to hand combat.

The fight is expected to happen this month at an undisclosed location, but there’s no doubt that footage of the battle will appear online as soon as it’s available.

SourceSuidobashi Heavy Industries, Megabots Inc, Rocket News 24