Japanese Idol Bashes Korea “I hate people who like Korea”

She hated on everything about Korea except for the food.

AKB48‘s Tano Yuka received heavy criticism after saying hateful comments towards Korea and its culture on Instagram live.

A fan asked if she had gotten cosmetic surgery on her eyes, but she insisted she didn’t because plastic surgery would “ruin” her face.

But then she suddenly began talking about the plastic surgery culture in Korea.

“I think everyone who visited Korea got plastic surgery. Haha! It’s the worst!” — Tano Yuka

She took a step farther by expressing her distaste towards Korea and Japanese people who like the culture.

“I hate people who like Korea. I think Koreans are cute but I hate Japanese people who like Korea. Do you know what I mean? I mean… Japanese people who want to be Korean, I hate them!” — Tano Yuka

She made a snide remark about Japanese people who are fond of Korean-style makeup.

“There are people who look good in Korean makeup and those who don’t look good. You agree, right? I’m sure men agree hahaha Only people who look good in Korean makeup should do them! Everyone else needs to stop!” — Tano Yuka

She also revealed that she doesn’t like people using Korean in their social media profiles.

“I like browsing through various people’s Instagram profiles, but I think people who write Korean on their profiles are too much. Well, I still browse through them a little because it’s fun.” — Tano Yuka

When her fans began worrying whether her comments will become an issue, she brushed them off.

“Is it okay for me to say these things? You think I’ll care? It’s tiring, I don’t care~ Korean food is good. I approve of Korean food.” — Tano Yuka

Korean netizens were enraged by her comments, saying “She’s not even famous, why is she talking high and mighty like that?“, “Why does she have so much to say about Korea when she’s not even famous here?“, “Have some class.” and more.

The issue became even more enlarged by the fact that Mnet is preparing to launch their next season of Produce 101, which will be a collaboration with AKB48.

Netizens began expressing their anger against the show, claiming that the show “will feature a lot of girls who think like [Tano Yuka]… and will only help them become famous.

Since then, Tano Yuka has taken to her Twitter to apologize for her remarks and plans to reflect heavily on her actions.

“I, Tano Yuka, said some misleading remarks on Instagram Live that hurt a lot of people and made them uncomfortable. I reflect on my thoughtless and selfish remarks, and I will make sure to that it never happens again in the future. I am very sorry.” — Tano Yuka

Source: Nate Pann