Japanese Variety Show Under Fire For Sexually Harassing Male Idols

“This is crazy…”

A Japanese variety show is sparking outrage for sexually harassing boy group members.

Japanese idol | theqoo

Recently, a post titled “Male Idols Are Severly Sexually Harassed On Japanese Variety Shows” went viral.

In the post, a picture of a male idol can be seen writhing with pain on the floor. According to the post, the variety show had put a topical medicine similar to Icy Hot on the idol’s underwear.

Japanese idol |

In another photo, the variety show had placed hidden cameras in the idol’s bathroom. After the idol realized this, he hurriedly lay flat on the floor to hide his private parts from being recorded.

In yet another example, the idol was filmed swimming while wearing swimming trucks that dissolved in water.

Korean netizens criticized the show and expressed concern over the idol’s treatment. Many couldn’t contain their bewilderment over how this could be aired on television.

  • “This is crazy.”
  • “Is this the 21st century?”
  • “Dissolving swimsuit…?”
  • “The fact they think this is funny is really barbaric.”
  • “Disgusting.”
  • “And they claim they are going to go international, LOL.”
  • “This is crazy. All of this sucks, but first of all, this is torture. What are you going to do if something goes wrong?”
  • “This is too much…”
  • “I mean, are they insane?”

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Source: wikitree