Japanese man arrested for living above a public toilet for three years

A 54-year-old Japanese man has been arrested after he was discovered living in a tiny service hatch above a public toilet!

On the 12th of April, an electrician in Usuki was stunned to spot the shadow of a man whilst installing a light in a public bathroom.

When police arrived, they took a look into the service hatch and found a tiny 92 square meter space with a triangle-shaped attic above it, in which a man was standing – surrounded by his belongings!

Amongst his clothes, magazines, gas stove and heater – police and officials were shocked to find that, quite bizarrely, the man had neatly stored over 300 bottles of his own urine. Officials went on to say that even though the only spot in the space tall enough to stand up in was the triangular attic, the entire hatch was very clean and organized!

The man himself, later discovered to be named Takashi Yamanouchi, was taken into custody where he explained that he’d left his previous home, Gifu, 10 years ago and had been on the move ever since – until he found the service hatch above the public toilets.

Yamanouchi revealed that he’d first discovered the secret spot after he witnessed someone else climb into it, and had ended up living with that person for a while. While the other person had since moved out, Yamanouchi explained that he’d been staying there for around three whole years.

Unfortunately for him, he’s now facing charges for trespassing! While no decision has been made yet on how he will be punished, we’ve got to give it to him for managing to stay hidden for so long.

Source: Yahoo! Japan