Japanese Man Waited 8 Years For His Comatose Fiancée To Wake Up, And She Finally Did

A man in Japan waited 8 years for his fiancée to return to him.

Nashiji Hisashi and Nakahara Mai knew each other for 10 years, 2 of which were spent as girlfriend and boyfriend.

They finally planned to get married in March of 2007, but tragedy occurred in their fairy tale plans.

3 months before their wedding, Mai was complaining of intense pain and was immediately transferred to a hospital.

But after 3 days, her condition began to deteriorate.

After suffering a heart attack, she was moved to a university hospital where doctors were just barely able to resuscitate her. However, she was unable to gain consciousness due to intermittent seizures.

Hisashi came by every day for three hours before work and committed his weekends to take care of her.

He would massage Mai’s stiff body while playing her favorite song.

He continued to wait for her for over a year, continually asking her unresponsive body to stay by his side. A miracle happened as she finally opened her eyes!

However, Mai couldn’t respond to basic stimuli and was only able to follow objects with her eyes.

One day, Hasashi was massaging Mai as he always did when he noticed her face was moving. It had been 6 years since her coma, but the rest of her body was finally coming awake!

Hasashi and Mai were married in August of 2014, more than 10 years after their original wedding date.

All the hospital staff and friends of the couple who had cheered the two on also attended the wedding.

Finally, the man who waited patiently for 8 years married the love of his life!

Watch the full video of their story below:

Source: Dispatch