Japanese MAXIM Model Reveals How She Became Every Korean Man’s Fantasy

She’s become famous in Korea more than Japan.

Shinozaki Ai revealed in a recent interview that the cause of her explosive popularity in Korea was mainly due to her curvaceous body.

The 2016 MAXIM issue with her on the cover became legendary when it completely sold out!

Although it was released in Japan, Taiwan, and South Korea — she noticed a significant increase of work in Korea.

She revealed how she thinks she was able to grow a wide fanbase in Korea.

“There are lots of slim models in Korea.

So a rounder model like me makes them feel intrigued and excited.” 

— Shinozaki Ai

She spoke openly about her income as a professional model, claiming to have received about 50,000 Yen or (~4,515 USD) a month from her management company.

Shinozaki Ai also revealed how much she earns at Korean gigs compared to Japanese ones.

“My casting fee in Japan has risen.

But in Korea, my casting fee is more than double that.”

— Shinozaki Ai

Shinozaki Ai revealed that she plans on doing more promotions in Korea in the future.

Source: Dispatch