Japanese Media Alleges LE SSERAFIM’s Chaewon Is Dating Former Rapper With “Photo Evidence” – Both Sides Quickly Respond

Previously, a news outlet teased they would release dating photos of a K-Pop star.

A Japanese news outlet alleged that LE SSERAFIM‘s Chaewon was dating a former rapper.

Chaewon |

On January 18, Japanese news outlet Shūkan Bunshun,  known for its investigative journalism, akin to Dispatch in Korea, alleged that the idol was dating a former rapper. “A.”

The news outlet released a picture alleged to be of the two as evidence.

Alleged photo of Chaewon and a former rapper | Shūkan Bunshun

Fans, however, were quick to debunk the evidence and dismissed the photos as photoshopped. In the picture released by the news outlet, Chaewon has an uncanny resemblance to herself in another picture with  member Sakura.

The dating allegation was also denied by the former rapper, who stated that “It really isn’t true.” Chaewon’s label, HYBE, has also denied the rumors.

It isn’t true.


Previously, Shūkan Bunshun had stated that they had received a “Dating photo of a worldwide K-Pop star” and that they would release it today.

Source: star news, Shūkan Bunshun and mk sports
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