Japanese Media Claims That BTS Are Boycotting Japan, K-Fans Upset

Netizens were upset.

In a now deleted Tweet posted by Share News Japan, they linked to an article in which they claimed BTS are participating in a boycott of Japan.

The article claims that BTS wore hanbok in the airport going to and from Japan as a way to protest Japan. Previously, members Jungkook and V were seen wearing modern-style hanboks after their concerts in Japan.

When Korean netizens heard about the article, they were enraged. Many are saying that even though BTS has activities in Japan, they are still Korean and are allowed to wear hanboks if they want to.

The boycott against Japan started when the Japanese government announced that they are considering imposing stricter export controls on products bound to South Korea. Koreans then chose to boycott Japanese products, with some boycotting Japanese members in K-Pop groups.

Source: TheQoo