Japanese Pornstar Debuting In K-Pop Group Shares Steamy Photos For Fans

Yua Mikami isn’t shy about showing off her body and Koreans have no idea how to react.

Yua Mikami, a Japanese porn star and member of the soon-to-debut K-Pop group Honey Popcorn, shared semi-nude pictures on her Twitter.

Yua Mikami is a former member of the Japanese idol group SKE48. She left the group to pursue her career as a porn star.


Yua Mikami uploaded, “I wear a sports bra to bed but my breasts always pop out.”


This isn’t the first time Yua Mikami has shared revealing pictures of herself, obviously. She is active on Instagram and Twitter, promoting herself and Honey Popcorn.

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Koreans are showing mixed feelings about her debut as Honey Popcorn.

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“This is too much. She’s going to be a bad influence on adolescents who follow K-Pop.”


Some K-Pop fans however, believe that she will adjust to the customs of K-Pop soon enough.

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“If she wants to debut, she can debut. She will change once she is a K-Pop star.”


Honey Popcorn will debut March 14th. Watch Yua Mikami’s cover dance of “Happy” by Cosmic Girls (WJSN).

Source: Dispatch