“Zootopia” Co-Director Invites BTS’s Jimin To Work With Him

Jimin’s voice acting skills impressed him.

BTS‘s Jimin just added another talent to his repertoire: voice acting!

In Episode 109 of Run BTS!, the members tried their hand (or rather, their voice) at dubbing scenes from The Lion King, Toy Story, and Zootopia. 

| Run BTS!/Weverse

For Zootopia, Jimin played Judy Hopps, a bunny cop who is determined to prove herself in the field. After teaming up with Nick Wilde, a con-artist fox, to solve a case, she finds herself being bored to death at a DMV run by sloths.

| Judy Hopps in Zootopia

Jimin perfectly captured Judy’s cheerful personality and total frustration, blowing BTS and their voice acting coach away with his recording.

| Run BTS!/Weverse

They weren’t the only ones who loved it! Thanks to fans, Jared BushZootopia’s co-director and co-screenwriter, heard Jimin’s “perfect” read.

In fact, Jared Bush was so impressed that he has invited Jimin to work with him in the future!

Will Jimin be in Disney‘s next big animated movie? ARMYs “hop” so!