Here’s What Jay Park Has To Say About Himself 10 Years Ago

Fans disagreed.

On January 14, Jay Park shared a photo that compares himself in the past and present through his social media.


On the left was a picture of himself from his 2PM days and on the right was a recent picture of himself. Both pictures were taken without a shirt.

And while Jay Park was just as charismatic in the present as in the past, the picture did present some differences, such as some body tattoos and a more toned body.


Here’s what Jay Park had to say about the photo: “2009-2019 damn I fell off. I’m over the hill now.”  He had apparently made a joke of himself, comparing his current appearance to 10 years go.


Meanwhile, in response to his comment, fans reassured him that he has most definitely not fallen off:

  • “Boyy please you didn’t fall off, your still well off”
  • “You still be looking fine AF”
  • “You still be sexy 4eva”
  • “Still fine as wine”
  • “Def did not fall off”

It seems like Jay Park has nothing to worry about with the support from his fans!

Source: Sports Kyunghyang