[★BREAKING] Jay Park signs with Jay Z’s Roc Nation

Jay Park, a pioneer in leading the Hip-Hop movement outside of Korea, has officially signed with Jay-Z‘s label, Roc Nation

The news has been officially confirmed by Roc Nation, in a tweet that was just posted.

Jay Park also posted on his Instagram Page, thanking Roc Nation for recognizing him as an artist and proclaiming it a win for Asian Americans.

 “It’s Official @RocNation 
This is a win for the Town
This is a win for Korea
This is a win for Asian Americans
This is a win for the overlooked and underappreciated 
This is a win for genuine ppl who look out for their ppls 
This is a win for hard work and dedication 
This is a win for honesty and authenticity 
Thank you for the acknowledgment and recognition?? Just gettin’ started”
— Jay Park

Jay Park and close friends first started releasing hints that seemed to indicate he had signed with Roc Nation, back in March.

The legendary company manages some of the world’s biggest artists such as Big Sean, Future, J.Cole, Rihanna, Shakira, T.I., Jaden Smith, and DJ Khaled.

It was first pointed out that Jay was in the US on business during an appearance in Seattle-based podcast, The Glow Up. He discussed his music, past experiences at JYP Entertainment and more in the podcast.

“I’m doing the AOMG thing, I’m working on new projects. There’s a lot of things in the work. This crazy, I mean, it’s kinda like, people are talking about it. It’s not official yet. If you look at the internet. There’s crazy, huge company that hit me up. Hopefully, within the next couple of months there’ll be some huge news. Like, some historic news.

I’m looking at some other ventures and companies beyond AOMG. That’ll be historic as well, for Korea and maybe even Seattle as well.”

— Jay Park

Jay Park first uploaded a photo of him at the Kodak Lens Office in New York back in January and was then featured on their Instagram account.

The office belongs to Lenny S., a Senior Vice President at Roc Nation. Lenny is also a photographer and has been by Jay Z’s side for nearly 20 years now.

Lenny S. helps run the label side of Roc Nation and has signed artists like Vic Mensa and DJ Khaled to Roc Nation and also works with managing some of these same artists.

Pictured with Jay Park in the above photo (behind Jay) is Ashley Choi, the Head of International Department at AOMG.

“I helped A&R every Jay-Z album, most of the Roc-A-Fella albums, then went on to Def Jam, etc. Roc-A-Fella was sold obviously and Jay was the president of Def Jam, so we were over there for a few years. And then he acquired Roc Nation about 8 years ago. So again I been with Jay-Z for 20 years and I love it!”

— Lenny S (Vibe Magazine Interview)

When Lenny S posted the photo to his official account, Jay Park posted another photo that then re-ignited the rumors of him signing to Roc Nation.

Jay Park absolutely fits into the narrative of what Lenny believes an artist should be defined as. He’s an artist that has created a brand and lifestyle that millions around the world follow.

Not only with himself but with a roster of talented artists signed to his label, AOMG and his new label, H1GHR MUSIC.

Lenny has said in multiple interviews that “people either want to believe in the artist or want to be the artist” and expanded upon that in a recent Fortune interview. It’s hard to find another hip-hop artist out of Korea that could be placed amongst the roster of Roc Nation’s artists as Jay Park.

“As an artist, people have to believe your story. When they believe your story, it allows them to believe in you. If they feel it’s fake, they are not really going to believe in your music. You want fans to care about your lifestyle, what you’re eating, where you’re hanging out, what restaurants you’re going to. That’s what makes people buy into you and your brand.”

— Lenny S.

While in New York, Jay Park also appeared on an Instagram live video where he once again teased “big things” coming soon.