Controversial “DNA Remix” Music Video Removed Following Backlash

It came under fire for cultural appropriation.

The music video for H1GHR MUSIC‘s new song “DNA Remix” is no longer available for viewing, following backlash from fans.

H1GHR MUSIC artists in “DNA Remix” MV | H1GHR MUSIC/Youtube

The track is a collaboration by Jay Park, YLN Foreign, D.Ark, 365Lit, pH-1, Lil Boi, Lee Young Ji, Ourealgoat, Choo, and Osun. It was released on June 14 by H1GHR MUSIC, the hip-hop label Jay Park and Cha Cha Malone co-founded in 2017.

Shortly after its release, the “DNA Remix” music video began receiving negative feedback from international fans for the appropriation of Black culture, including Black hairstyles. These fans were concerned that the video would perpetuate harmful stereotypes about the Black community.

In response, Jay Park wrote a comment in the YouTube comment section, in which he acknowledged the origin of hip-hop, expressed admiration for Black rappers, and his artists’ support for Black culture. He also shared his thoughts about the use of dreadlocks in the video.

If y’all can fangirl over young Korean dudes with dyed hair I don’t see why we cant fanboy over rappers with face tats and dreads. Everybody is into what they into. Let’s just love one another and be kind whether on the Internet or in person.

—Jay Park

Jay Park’s explanation was not well received by many fans, and some have taken to social media to express share their thoughts. “He refuses to sit down and understand what he’s doing is wrong,” said TikToker @yoong1s. “The excuses he makes for his actions are absolutely horrendous.” 

The music video, linked in Jay Park’s tweets, has now been made private on YouTube. At this time, it is uncertain if or when the video will be public again.

| H1GHR MUSIC/Youtube

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