Jay Park Gives Real Advice To The Younger Generation In Regards To True Happiness

Money is only temporary.

Hip-hop artist and CEO Jay Park met up with Cosmopolitan for an interview and photo shoot and gave an update on his life as well as advice for people in their twenties and thirties.

We’ve heard from AOMG employees that all you do is work and yet still make time to exercise and take care of your mental health.

I try to use my time awake wisely. I use every bit of my time to hold meetings, exercise, work on music. There isn’t a moment that I am resting. Of course I do make time for myself so I can refresh such as watching YouTube videos or sports channels. I’m just like any other person.

⁠— Jay Park

We also heard that you are busy working on a H1GHR MUSIC compilation album that will release this September. How is that going?

A compilation is really difficult to do so I kept pushing it off until hearing about Sik-K’s military enlistment. This album is divided into two parts; red and blue. The red symbolizes the effort and hard work that the world doesn’t see while the blue symbolizes a more comfortable vibe that is easy for the public to understand.

⁠— Jay Park

People are bound to change, but you always seem to be consistent. What’s your method?

I’ve gotten this far by trusting my beliefs and values. These values didn’t betray me so I didn’t have to waver or stumble along the way. When I didn’t believe in myself, God always showed me that something could work out. I don’t ask for anything more. I am very satisfied that I’ve come this far and if this is my limit, I can accept it. But as long as God allows me to, I will continue to run until the end.

⁠— Jay Park

Any advice or values that you think the young people of this generation need?

People. You have to have people beside you that don’t raise you up or cut you down. It isn’t important to have a lot of money, buy good things, or drive nice cars. That kind of happiness and pleasure is short-lived. It’s more important to have good friends that go through life together with you. Don’t end friendships with people over small things. I always try to understand and respect the person when I go through a fight with someone. I always try to cherish my relationship with people and continue making them.

⁠— Jay Park


Keeping a relationship requires a lot of sacrifice, understanding, patience, and consideration. You need to go through this in order to have a strong bond with the person you built this with. Truthfully I am someone who has money and can have anything that I want. Don’t you think that me talking about this show that I have a point? After meeting many people and experiencing different situations, I believe that good people cannot be bought with money.

⁠— Jay Park

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Source: cosmopolitan