Jay Park And The Hottest Korean Hip Hop Artists Drop H1GHR MUSIC Compilation Album

Check out some of the hottest hip hop artists in Korea right now.

Hip hop label, H1GHR MUSIC, founded by Jay Park and Cha Cha Malone, celebrated the upcoming release of their second compilation album, H1GHR : BLUE TAPE, by broadcasting a live showcase titled COMEBACK SHOW MU:TALK LIVE.

On September 14, Jay Park performed with H1GHER MUSIC artists like pH-1, HAON, Woodie Gochild, TRADE L, Golden, BIG Naughty, and  DJ SMMT in the comeback show broadcasted live via KakaoTV.

The showcase began with the music video’s release for the song “Gotta Go” from the new album H1GHR : BLUE TAPE through the label’s official YouTube channel.

The song “Gotta Go” was said to have been created to express “midnight” as the time artists work the hardest, and no matter how exhausting life gets, they must keep moving to get through it.

Are you curious about H1GHR MUSIC’s first compilation album performance on MU:TALK LIVE?! <COMEBACK SHOW MU:TALK LIVE> Today at 8 pm. See you on KakaoTV.

H1GHR MUSIC consists of a few of the hottest hip hop artists in South Korea right now, and anyone that listens to their songs will understand why. With each song’s release, H1GHR MUSIC gained respect from global fans who were initially interested in the label because of Jay Park.

H1GHR MUSIC’s second compilation album H1GHR : BLUE TAPE will be released on September 16, 2020.