Jay Park To Join “High School Rapper 4” As A Mentor Along With Other Big Name Artist

This lineup is full of powerful artists

Mnet Media‘s High School Rapper is a survival show for students still in high school to show their rap skills. The show is going into its 4th season and has just announced its new mentors.

Mnet Media revealed the new mentors for season 4 will be Jay Park, WOOGIE, The Quiett, YUMDDA, and pH-1. These artists are well-known and highly praised rappers in the music industry. Many of these judges have also been judges or mentors before on similar variety shows like Show Me The Money.

The production crew claimed they chose this lineup as mentors because of their popularity among teenagers.

I focused on organizing mentors that teenagers like most and can exert a positive influence on them. The mentors that will be released later are also artists that high-school rappers prefer and respect, so we look forward to them.

— High School Rapper 4 Production Crew

The show is revealed to have both YUMDDA and The Quiett to be in charge of discovering aspiring high school rappers. Both rappers are excited to find musically gifted students: “We hope to meet talented high school rappers.

| @thequiett/Instagram

While YUMDDA and The Quiett are looking for fresh talent, the H1GHR MUSIC team (Jay Park, WOOGIE, and pH-1) are set to be mentors. Jay Park commented on his expectations for the show and the young rappers competing in it:

Because’High School Rapper’ is a meeting place to meet friends who will lead hip-hop in the future, personal expectations are high and the attitude to work on it seems to be more cautious

— Jay Park

pH-1 also commented on how he looks forward to mentoring the future generation of hip hop artists.

I have a lot of anticipation as it is a place where I can communicate my beloved hip-hop culture with younger generations of friends and inform the public even more.

— pH-1

The show is scheduled to undergo recruitment until December 13, 2020. Applicants must be born between 2002 to 2005.

Check out the teaser preview below: