Jay Park Proves He’s The Sweetest Boss By Giving Chuseok Gifts With Handwritten Messages For His Staff And Artists

He takes care of everyone so well.

Jay Park is an amazing artist and amazing boss! As the CEO of AOMG and H1GHR MUSIC, Jay Park has a lot of staff members and artists to take care of, and honestly, he does an amazing job!

| @jparkitrighthere/Instagram

Jay Park recently proved his love and appreciation for those in his company in this Instagram story. Jay Park’s manager posted a photo of him writing on a bunch of boxes and it turns out they are all going out to his staff and artists! The boxes featured in the story were actually had wine inside them and are gifts for Chuseok ( a Korean holiday that celebrates autumn and ring in a plentiful harvest). On the boxes, Jay Park wrote each person a short but sweet message!

According to his Instagram story, there were 100 boxes in all, and Jay Park took the time to write something nice on all of them! The caption on the photo reads, “Jay Park prepared the gifts with handwritten messages one by one.”


Many of Jay Park’s artists and staff showed off their gifts on social media and expressed their gratitude. GOT7‘s Yugyeom and LOCO were just some of the artists who posted on his Instagram to show off his gift from Jay Park.

Happy Happy Chuseok.

— Jay Park

Happy Chuseok, Bro.

— Jay Park

Here are a few more that were shared:

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