Jay Park’s “Provocative” Mirror Selfie Promoting His Soju Collab Is Earning Strong Mixed Reactions

“I want to kneel down and drink 🤤”

About a year ago, Jay Park launched his own soju brand, Won Soju, in South Korea. Within six months of the brand’s launch, they had already sold over a million bottles, proving the endeavor to be a success and leading Jay to expand the business overseas.

Recently, the soju brand also collaborated with Italian clothing company Diesel, with the collab products set to release in just a few days.

However, Jay’s method of promoting the collaboration on his social media has received mixed reactions from netizens, both strongly negative and positive depending on the audience.

Posing shirtless for a mirror selfie, the K-Pop artist poses provocatively with a bright red bottle of the Won Soju x Diesel collab sticking out of his underwear (which is also a Diesel brand).

Jay Park | @moresojuplease/Instagram

The photo was shared on an online Korean forum, where many netizens reacted with distaste and shock to the bold promotion method.

| Instiz
  • “HUH?”
  • “The pic is… all right. But this post is… not it, haha.”
  • “But why?”
  • “Excuse me…?”
  • “Why is he doing this?”
  • “… So this is real.”
  • “What’s wrong with him?”
  • “Why, though?”
  • “He even spread out his Music Bank trophies for real.”

International netizens also had arguably even more visceral reactions to the photo, going so far as to call it “cringe”.

However, fans of Jay Park that are already following his Instagram account weren’t so bothered. In fact, many of them took it in good humor, while others definitely took the thirst trap seriously.

Jay Park is definitely the kind of person whose known for his often controversial and daring posts and actions, so this really isn’t anything too new for him!

Source: Instiz and Pann Choa

Jay Park

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