“I Know You Got A Fat A*s”: Jay Park Responds To Resurfaced Video Going Viral

A clip from months ago has gone viral recently.

Korean American soloist and businessman Jay Park has gone viral yet again.

Jay Park

Jay Park appeared on NPR Music‘s Tiny Desk (Home) Concert three months ago in honor of Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month. Now, a clip from this video has resurfaced on social media, and it’s gone viral.

During the performance, Jay Park sang an acoustic version of his song “Need To Know.” The lyrics below caught netizens off guard as, to them, it appeared comical for him to sing it like a ballad. The original music is more upbeat.

Yeah, I know you got a fat a*s. You know I love a fat a*s. I’ll keep you popping them tags. Girl, I really don’t know how you fit in them pants.

— Jay Park


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♬ original sound – MINJUTRON3000🗯️

The clip garnered attention on the video-sharing app TikTok with hundreds of thousands of views. Netizens wondered how the band kept straight faces as Jay Park sang about a “fat a*s” with such solemn music.


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| @young4ever/TikTok

Now, Jay Park has responded to his new viral moment. He hosted a Q&A via X (formerly Twitter), responding to fans’ questions.

As he concluded the Q&A, he posted a final tweet. Jay Park noticed that the clip from his NPR Music’s Tiny Desk video had gone viral. His response proved that he had a great sense of humor about the internet’s reaction to it!

We’re glad everyone, including him, can laugh about it!

Jay Park