Jay Park Reveals What He Looks For While Signing An Artist To His Label

He revealed the qualities he prioritises in a potential new artist.

Jay Park recently sat down for a fun, casual interview, where he revealed what he looks for in a potential artist for his label!

Recently, MTV Asia interviewed Jay Park, where they asked him tons of fun questions! As the head of not one, but two music labels (AOMG and H1ghr Music), one of the questions asked to him was:

If there’s an artist out there that wants to get signed to your label, what does it take?

Jay Park then revealed that with a potential new artist, he prioritises “good people” rather than pure talent only.

You have to be a good person. You gotta bring a good energy.

—Jay Park

He then elaborated on how while talent is important, the potential new artist has to be on top of things with regards to work ethic as well!

Talent only brings you halfway. All the rest of the stuff, you gotta be focused, you gotta be determined, you gotta be willing to put in the work.

—Jay Park

You can watch this particular segment from the 1:12 mark here!