Jay Park Slapped By UFC Fighter Brian Ortega, Who Claims Jay Was “Talking Trash”

Jay Park was translating, but Ortega didn’t like his wording.

During the UFC 248 event at T-Mobile Arena, UFC fighter Brian Ortega approached Jay Park and confronted him over his “trash talk” incident with Chan Sung Jung last month.

Jay Park served as Chan Sung Jung’s translator for an interview that he had on ESPN. His company, AOMG, manages the fighter.

Chan Sung Jung and Jay Park attended the event together. When Chan Sung Jung went to the bathroom, Brian Ortega went up to Jay Park and confirmed his identity. Once Jay Park confirmed that he is who he is, the confrontation turned physical and Brian Ortega allegedly slapped him using his open hand.

The “trash talk” incident dates back to when Jay Park served as Chan Sung Jung’s translator during his recent appearance on an interview on ESPN.

Chan Sung Jung, also known as “The Korean Zombie”, and Brian Ortega were scheduled to square off at UFC on ESPN+ 23 before Ortega withdrew due to injury.


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When Brian Ortega was mentioned in the interview, Chan Sung Jung made a comment about him. And Jay Park translated his statement like this:

It doesn’t matter (if it’s) Holloway, Volkanovski, or Ortega. But Ortega already ducked (me) once. (I) don’t need to fight a fighter that’s already ducked (me) one time.

– Chan Sung Jung, as translated by Jay Park

It was reported that Brian Ortega had a problem with Jay Park’s translation.

Having an Injury and ducking are 2 different things.

– Brian Ortega


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They have no clue what I have sacrificed. #2020

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When ESPN posted this interview…


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TKZ’a trash talk game is getting spicy 🌶 (via @arielhelwani)

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…Brian Ortega left a comment to serve as his response to the trash talk.

And he even went as far as threatening to slap Jay Park when he sees him.

Jay Park welcome to the fight game don’t be surprised if I slap the shit out you when I see you.

– Brian Ortega

Jay Park responded to him by saying:

He ended the conversation by replying to Jay Park’s comment:

The slapping incident led to the two UFC fighters to have a physical confrontation.

The fight ended when Brian Ortega was escorted out of the arena.

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