Jay Park Announces He’ll Be Starting His Own Soju Company

The CEO of AOMG and H1GHR Music is preparing to start his own soju company.

Jay Park announced on the magazine, HIPHOPLE‘s broadcast, Broken GPS, that he’s in the preparation stages of setting up his own soju company.

On the show, Jay Park explained that unlike many celebrities in Western society that go into the liquor business, Korean celebrities only engage in advertisements and tend not to start businesses on their own.

He expressed that people have the idea that soju isn’t a good liquor, but why he doesn’t agree with that perception.

When I released a song about soju, my Western friends wanted to try it. There are even some African American friends that are now only drinking soju after I introduced it to them. Foreign celebrities like Jay-Z are already managing their own liquor businesses.

– Jay Park

When asked about how far along he is in the process of starting his own soju business, Jay Park revealed that he’s in the beginning stages and seriously contemplating his marketing strategy.

It’s in the works, and we’re working on how it’ll be marketed and distributed. Once the soju is made, I don’t want to hire famous female idols to advertise it. I want to keep it within the hip-hop culture.

– Jay Park

With companies, AOMG, and H1GHR Music under his belt, there’s a lot of anticipation for what Jay Park will have to offer in the liquor industry.

Source: Insight