Jay Park Surprises Fans With Retirement Announcement

He announced he will retire.

In what seemed like a belated April Fool’s joke, Jay Park took to his personal Twitter to announce that he will be retiring from the music industry in a few years.

He stated that his tweet would be a promise to both himself and his fans, citing that there isn’t enough “space” in the industry for artists like him nowadays.

Jay Park has been involved in the music industry since he was in high school, where he spent time writing his own raps. He has been in the entertainment industry since 2005, when he was accepted as a JYP Entertainment trainee. After 14 years of hard work, both with 2PM and his own label AOMG, it is natural for one to feel the need to move on and do something else.

Whatever field Jay Park moves on to in the future, we’re sure he will be an absolute star.