Jay Park Response To Tweet Asking “Wanna Date?” Becomes Controversial

He responded with a questionable answer.

Jay Park recently opened up his Twitter account to an #askJAYPARK session, where fans can tweet him any questions they may have.


One of the questions was a fan by the handle @heavenlyjjk, who asked if Jay wanted to date.


Jay Park responded to the question by pointing out that the handle had the photo of a male (BTS‘s Jungkook to be exact) as its profile picture.


Netizens began criticizing Jay Park for his choice of words, suggesting that he was closed minded.


On the other hand, many fans defended Jay Park by emphasizing how he uses his platform to raise awareness for current societal issues.


Despite the sparked debate, @heavenlyjjk responded to Jay’s tweet with the simplest question. Jay Park has yet to respond further to the thread.


And @heavenlyjjk advocates that there’s no problem with Jay’s tweets, and is apologetic towards having caused a “controversy”.