Jay Park Accidentally Angered K-Pop Fans In Viral Interview Clip, And His Response Is Perfect

He gave his honest thoughts on hip hop authenticity in K-Pop.

Jay Park isn’t afraid to speak his mind, especially when it comes to his own music and achievements.

On February 12, this confident king praised his own versatility in a tweet.

His tweet was received well by some, but not by all. Several netizens who took issue with Jay Park’s tweet left comments about the artists they feel are more versatile.

Other users quickly came to Jay Park’s defense, stating that everyone is entitled to their own opinions but those opinions should be expressed respectfully.

The next day, Jay Park tweeted this in response to becoming a hot topic.

He also responded specifically to the fans who left comments under this popular reply to his versatility tweet. In this clip from a past interview, Jay Park mentions BTS in relation to him finding his own place in the American and Korean music industries. The video currently has 265,000 views.

He praised BTS’s “historic” achievements, mentioning their record-breaking, and also gave them “extra cool points” for supporting his song “Yacht”.

He followed up this tweet with a comparison between Korean hip hop to hip hop under the umbrella of K-Pop. He feels that K-Pop hip hop “does not have the most authentic image”.

This K-Hip Hop star and BTS are both historic in their own ways, in their own genres. “All very different lanes, but all historic none the less,” he said. Jay Park also mentioned Parasite director Bong Joon Ho, who recently made history at the Oscars. 

Jay Park playfully ended his Twitter talk by saying he’ll mention “every kpop band in the book” when his next album drops.