Uber Driver’s Interaction With Jay Park Reveals His True Personality

He drove Jay Park and his crew in Seattle.

While K-Pop fans are divided on solo artist Jay Park, an Uber driver revealed his experience with him.

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Jay Park recently headlined 88rising‘s 2022 Head In The Clouds music festival in L.A.

After, he visited his hometown of Seattle. There, he was driven by Uber driver Craig D. Cox (@LostBoy23 on Twitter).

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Craig D. Cox shared a selfie of himself with Jay Park to Twitter, revealing his experience driving the singer. The two appear friendly as they’re both all smiles.

Bro I don’t think I’ve ever laughed so hard in an UBER!

— Craig D. Cox

Craig D. Cox (left) and Jay Park (right). | @lostboy23/Twitter

In the caption, Craig D. Cox shared part of their lighthearted conversation. Jay Park had asked him if he knew any of his songs, to which Cox drew a blank at the time. So, he tweeted @ him, his response now remembering.

You asked me what song of yours I knew and I couldn’t think of it at the time! SOJU ft 2 Chainz.

— Craig D. Cox

Jay Park was such a good passenger that Cox volunteered to be his own “personal driver,” anytime, anywhere!

Bro if you ever need a personal driver- hit me bro. From the North end to the South!

— Craig D. Cox

Craig D. Cox also answered some fans’ questions in response to his post. He revealed that he had driven Jay Park along with some of his “homies” or staff.

All in all, Cox only had good things to say about Jay Park and his crew. He continually described him as “nice” and “down to Earth.” 

He was even shocked to hear that Jay Park receives hate, knowing what he was like in person.

One of Jay Park’s crew that had driven with them also commented, praising Cox. So, it’s all mutual love here!

Source: lostboy23

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