Jay Park Wins ‘Artist Of The Year’ At The Korean Hip Hop Awards 2021

Congrats to Jay!

Jay Park had the honor of receiving Artist of the Year at the 2021 Korean Hip Hop Awards.


The Korean Hip Hop Awards (KHA) is Korea’s only genre music awards ceremony and festival for hip hop/R&B musicians.

This award ceremony was co-hosted by two media outlets that represent the Korean hip-hop scene, HIPHOPPLAYA and HIPHOPLE. This year, they partnered with Dingo Freestyle to hold the ceremony.

This year marks the fifth year since this awards ceremony has been created as they continue to bring the spotlight to all the hip-hop/R&B artists that shined this past year.

For this year’s ceremony, Nucksal, The Quiett, and Jay Park participated as the hosts of the show as they revealed the winners for the different categories.


As for Artist of the Year, it was awarded to none other than Highr Music and AOMG’s CEO, Jay Park.

Truthfully, this is the third time I am receiving this award and I am truly grateful and honored to receive it. Honestly, I feel more touched and honored receiving this award now more that the first time. I am thankful that I have been able to stay and maintain this position for this long and to have people still look for me. Back in the day, there were many people who thought, ‘Why are you here?’, but I am happy to have received this award. I believe that everyone’s role is very important and all I’ve done is do my part, and if my role is important enough for me to receive this award, than I am truly grateful and honored. Thank you.

⁠— Jay Park

Watch the full ceremony below!